23.11.2017 Testing on HIV and Hepatitis of Patrol Policemen

13.11.2017 Members of AIDS Action Europe Network Meeting

26.05.2017 Meeting of the Representatives of SALUS Charitable Foundation with the Delegation from Freiburg (Germany)

23.05.2017 Working Meeting of Managers of the Projects "Medical and Psychosocial Support of Patients Undergoing Substitution Maintenance Therapy"

19.12.2014 In the Capital the Future of the Nation Was Discussed

29.07.2014 The 20th International AIDS Conference was held in Melbourne from 20 to 25 July 2014.

09.06.2014 Elton John is creating a new fund to fight HIV

21.05.2014 RESPOND Partner Conference

10.03.2014 ICF " International HIV / AIDS Alliance in Ukraine" declares call for participation in training program on research in HIV/AIDS

12.02.2014 Youth Quest Condom Day - 2014

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Salus populi suprema lex esto
Let population health be the highest law

The Salus Charitable Foundation was established in Lviv in January 1996 by a group of physicians. Its activities cover the area of Western Ukraine.  Since its foundation, Salus has carried out many public-health programs, projects, art actions, and hundreds of trainings with the goal of encouraging health-enhancing behavior, good reproductive and sexual health and the prevention of violence among youth.

Salus focuses its attention on the prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It has carried out many educational and informational projects that increase awareness among the general population about HIV and STIs, especially among youth. It also aims to popularize healthy and safe lifestyle choices.

The foundation runs a Crisis Center, where women—specifically, victims of violence, rape, and human trafficking-- can seek medico-diagnostic and psychotherapeutic services. The Salus staff also works with individuals at high risk for HIV-transmission, such as women working in the sex trade and the incarcerated.

Through its activities, Salus locally interacts with a wide circle of highly motivated people. After their trainings, these individuals spread ideas and information about healthy lifestyles throughout the community. They spread awareness of how and where people can seek help and support in the event that they encounter problems.

Partner organizations help Salus develop and implement its programs, aiding the Foundation by way of information and financial support. The international Salus community of partners and friends includes organizations from France, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and the United States. Salus has closely worked with CCFD, the Global Fund for Women, Secours Catholique Caritas (France), and the Open Society Institute. Additionally, Salus cooperates with embassies and representatives of foreign countries in Ukraine.

With the support of the Japanese Embassy, Salus has opened a Youth Informational-Educational Center in Volosyanka, a village located in the Skoliv district of the Lviv region. Salus and the British Council in Ukraine currently work in partnership for the implementation of a project against human trafficking, and the International Alliance on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine implements Salus projects against the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Recently, Salus has begun cooperation with the local government. In 2007, under the auspices of the Lviv City Council Charity Foundation, Salus began publishing booklets which are subsequently distributed during trainings.

The Salus Foundation has many plans and ideas for its future. In this era of growing technology and progress, scientific knowledge about health preservation and maintenance is equally important. Health issues will not disappear.  The foundation works to improve health in the community with the specific goal of disease prevention through education, awareness, and information on how to safeguard one’s health. To care about the health of the people is moral and progressive in and of itself—we invite those who share these views and hope to spread these principles to work with us!




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