23.11.2017 Testing on HIV and Hepatitis of Patrol Policemen

13.11.2017 Members of AIDS Action Europe Network Meeting

26.05.2017 Meeting of the Representatives of SALUS Charitable Foundation with the Delegation from Freiburg (Germany)

23.05.2017 Working Meeting of Managers of the Projects "Medical and Psychosocial Support of Patients Undergoing Substitution Maintenance Therapy"

19.12.2014 In the Capital the Future of the Nation Was Discussed

29.07.2014 The 20th International AIDS Conference was held in Melbourne from 20 to 25 July 2014.

09.06.2014 Elton John is creating a new fund to fight HIV

21.05.2014 RESPOND Partner Conference

10.03.2014 ICF " International HIV / AIDS Alliance in Ukraine" declares call for participation in training program on research in HIV/AIDS

12.02.2014 Youth Quest Condom Day - 2014

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Project start 2008
Partners International Alliance on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine, Lviv Regional AIDS Center
Aim Improve access to HIV testing, distribution of information on HIV/AIDS prevention
Target group commercial sex workers, injective drug users, youth

The Mobile ambulatory provides HIV testing and medical, counseling and psychological services, as well as informational support for groups vulnerable to HIV infection. The mobile ambulatory has specific bus routes in Lviv and in the vicinity. The ambulatory staff provides outreach daily, thereby improving access for vulnerable groups to HIV testing, medico-social services and information.