23.11.2017 Testing on HIV and Hepatitis of Patrol Policemen

13.11.2017 Members of AIDS Action Europe Network Meeting

26.05.2017 Meeting of the Representatives of SALUS Charitable Foundation with the Delegation from Freiburg (Germany)

23.05.2017 Working Meeting of Managers of the Projects "Medical and Psychosocial Support of Patients Undergoing Substitution Maintenance Therapy"

19.12.2014 In the Capital the Future of the Nation Was Discussed

29.07.2014 The 20th International AIDS Conference was held in Melbourne from 20 to 25 July 2014.

09.06.2014 Elton John is creating a new fund to fight HIV

21.05.2014 RESPOND Partner Conference

10.03.2014 ICF " International HIV / AIDS Alliance in Ukraine" declares call for participation in training program on research in HIV/AIDS

12.02.2014 Youth Quest Condom Day - 2014


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Look around Competition of designer clothes collection on Anti-AIDS topic

On the 26th of November in Lviv Art Palace a Competition of designer clothes collection on Anti-AIDS topic “Look around” took place. The competition was carried out according to Salus authoring programme “Art against AIDS” with Secours Catholique Caritas (France) and Youth, family and sports authority of Lviv City Council assistance. Twenty young designers from all Ukraine (Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Lviv) showed 17 collections of clothes. Competition fashion show was organized by Charity Foundation Salus, which since 1998 provides the programme ”Art against AIDS”. The designers have used different materials for their collection. The most peculiar was Lyudmyla Malyarenko-Mys’ko, who became a winner. For making her dress from 2.5 thousand of condoms Lyudmyla spent one month. The venue was crowded by spectators. That indicated a great interest to the topic of the competition.

During the action the attendees learned about Salus Mobile ambulatory, which staff on Sunday, 30th November, in Lviv, in Rynok Square from 12 to 16 p.m. had carried out anonymous HIV testing. The mobile ambulatory, allocated in the bus “Bohdan”, was granted by “International Alliance on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine” to Charity Foundation Salus. During four hours of work the ambulatory staff consisting of medical workers from Lviv Regional AIDS Centre and Charity Foundation Salus had tested 70 Lviv dwellers. That’s the aim of the competition “Look around” – to raise awareness of HIV problem, was achieved. The mobile ambulatory improved the access of the population to HIV counselling and testing.