28.03.2018 The first training in the frame of the Project “Computer Skills of Medical Workers - Garancy of Providing People Living with HIV/AIDS with Quality Assistance”

01.02.2018 Start of the Project “Computer Skills of Medical Workers - Garancy of Providing People Living with HIV/AIDS with Quality Assistance”

02.01.2018 Start of activity in the frame of “SOURCE OF HOPE” project

23.11.2017 Testing on HIV and Hepatitis of Patrol Policemen

13.11.2017 Members of AIDS Action Europe Network Meeting

26.05.2017 Meeting of the Representatives of SALUS Charitable Foundation with the Delegation from Freiburg (Germany)

23.05.2017 Working Meeting of Managers of the Projects "Medical and Psychosocial Support of Patients Undergoing Substitution Maintenance Therapy"

19.12.2014 In the Capital the Future of the Nation Was Discussed

29.07.2014 The 20th International AIDS Conference was held in Melbourne from 20 to 25 July 2014.

09.06.2014 Elton John is creating a new fund to fight HIV

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Meeting of ASTRA network
On the 11-12th November in Charity Foundation Salus venue a meeting of ASTRA network representatives was held. Astra is a regional network of NGO’s and individuals advocating in a collective voice for women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in Central and Eastern Europe. Salus is also ASTRA member organization. Among participants were representatives ...

HIV testing during several minutes
Lviv region citizens who wish to know their health status and are representatives of vulnerable groups (commercial sex business women and injecting drug users) can anonymously go for HIV testing carried out at the mobile ambulatory, which was granted by “International Alliance on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine” to “Charity Foundation Salus”. The mobile ...

Training “Possibilities of NGOs’ collaboration with the European Council”

Workshops-trainings “Sexual education of children”
In September-October 2009 Charity Foundation Salus together with Education Authority of Humanitarian Politics Department of Lviv City Council have carried out workshops-trainings “Sexual education of children” for teachers of educational institutions of city Lviv.Workshops-seminars were provided according to Salus authoring programmes aimed to raise youth ...

Campaign against human trafficking
On the 20th of August an annual meeting of the Managerial Board of World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations was held in Lviv. Olena Kovalchuk – a project manager of Charity Foundation Salus took part in it and made a report about Salus programmes against human trafficking. Highly respected guests – representatives of Ukrainian Women’s ...

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