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   BODY ART antiAIDS: Competition Information
BODY ART Logo"BODYART antiAIDS" performance and announcing of telephone line "AIDSINFORM" took place at Lviv Art Palace on the 15th December 2002. This event was supported by educationally information campaign of EU-USA Project on HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Young People, Eurasia Foundation and Dreyfus Health Foundation. Charitable Foundation SALUS and Charitable Foundation METAMORPHOSES were executives of the projects.

The popularity of Charitable Fund SALUS program "Art anti AIDS" increases every year. There were organized following performances concerning this topic: 

  • 2001 year - Textile Art against AIDS
  • 2000 year - competition of suit sketches and anti AIDS propaganda fashion show under the title "Fashion 2000"
  • 1999 year - Program "cross of milleniums" - videoroller scenario, works of decorative ceramics and painting competitions. The program was supported by UNICEF.
  • 1998 - "Young people againts AIDS" - competition of three dimentional and space plastic works, supported by US Agency of International Development and Ambassy of Netherlands Kingdom in Ukraine. Samples from the competition of three dimentional and space plastic works were demonstrated during 6th International exhibition "GalMed" at "Spartak" sport center and Lviv Art Palace.

The aim of the "BODYART antiAIDS" action-performance was to visualize the problem, activate knowledge propaganda concerning HIV prevention in Ukraine, popularize new informational telephone line "AIDS INFORM". The combination of "BODYART antiAIDS" campaign attracted not only artists, but also society attention.

The best work were performed by:

  • 1st place Yuriy Mysko "Kiss forever"
  • 2nd place Vasyl Sydoruk "Problem"
  • 3rd place Yarema Mysko "Such love will save the world" 



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