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    Gallery: ART anti AIDS 2003

    Theatrical presentation of artistic suit and presentation of telephone line "AIDS Inform" took place on 30th November 2003 at Hotkevycha Culture Palace. It was organized by Salus Charitable Foundation, Metamorphoses Foundation, under financial support of PAUCI, Eurasia Foundation, Elton John Anti AIDS Foundation. 18 designers (7 from Lviv) participated in the performance. There were also designers from Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Khmelnitskiy, Kostopol, Rivne. 28 models represented suit works. The best of them were Pynta Tetyana from Dnipropetrovsk with collection "Trimtertsiya", Musiyenko Tetyana from Kyiv, "Play safety", Vereshchak Anna and Kharkalis Andrianna from Lviv, "Try to preserve yourself from AIDS".

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   Gallery: BODY ART anti AIDS
BODY ART antiAIDS 2002 The aim of the "BODYART antiAIDS" action-performance was to visualize the problem, activate knowledge propaganda concerning HIV prevention in Ukraine, popularize new informational telephone line "AIDS INFORM". The combination of "BODYART antiAIDS" campaign attracted not only artists, but also society attention. "BODYART antiAIDS" performance and announcing of telephone line "AIDSINFORM" took place at Lviv Art Palace on the 15th December 2002.

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   Gallery: Fashion 2000 anti-AIDS
Moäà 2000 àíòè-ÑÍ²Ä ëîãî The gala show of FASHION 2000 ANTIAIDS Competitions' finalists took place on Nov. 16, 2000 in frames of annual medical trade exhibition. 17 art-collections of Ukrainian and foreign fashion designers dedicated to anti-AIDS theme where presented to Competitions' Jury. 3 main awards where presented as well as special prizes from events' sponsors.

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   Gallery: Ukraine and AIDS. Crossroad of millenniums.

   Ukraine and AIDS. Crossroad of millenniums. Art competition of video scripts, decorative ceramic and paintings has been supported by USAID and CCFD.

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   Gallery: Youth against AIDS.

   Art competition of small sculpture has been supported by the USAID, CCFD, Embassy of the Netherlands and the UNAIDS. It has been demonstrated during the 6th International Exhibition "GalMED" and at the Lviv Palace of Arts.

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   Gallery: Art against AIDS.

   Competition of posters, emblems and radio announcements has demonstrated creative activity of the Ukrainian youth.

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