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   Fashion 2000 anti-AIDS: Competition Results
Nata Hrytsyk 1st Prize Winner,
Regional SALUS Foundation
Julian Kvasnytsia 2nd Prize Winner,
Regional SALUS Foundation
Oksana Mys'kovych 3rd Prize Winner,
Regional SALUS Foundation
Tatyana Besedina Special Prize from
Eliza Sliva Special Prize from
Olha Koval Special Prize from
Nataliya Olenych Special Prize from
"LIGHT&SHADOW" Publishing

Fashion 2000 gallery
   Fashion 2000 anti-AIDS: The Team
Olexandra Sluzhynska MD PhD President,
Charitable SALUS Foundation
Olena Dats' B.A. art-manager,
ART anti-AIDS Program
by Regional SALUS Foundation
Danylo Kushnir M.Sc. IT consultant
Olexiy Pizharyi photography and digital imaging
Roman Shyshak B.A. photography
   Fashion 2000 anti-AIDS: Competition Timeline

Fashion 2000 anti-AIDS logo - 01.12.2000 World AIDS Day

- 30.11.2000 An exhibition of sketches for the competition FASHION 2000 ANTI-AIDS was officially opened at Art-Cultural Centre "DZYGA". Free excursions for general public were conducted by 20 volunteres.
About 600 spectators have visited the exhibition.
Exhibition worked until 6.12.2000

- 16.11.2000 A fashion show of competition finalists took place in frames of VII International Expo "Gal-MED" . We wish to express special appreciation to our partners:

Art works of the competition finalists and pictures from the fashion GALA show are exhibited here.

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