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Programs and Projects

Medical-diagnostics projects
Medical-diagnostic activities are implemented with the purpose of health care improvements in Ukraine. Medical-diagnostics projects provide medical services for population and target groups (diagnostic, testing, medical precidures, counceling, medical investigations etc.)

Education and information
Educational projects provide spreading of true and accurate information regarding health care by meands of different methods (publications, distribution of booklets, leaflets, stickers, posters, calendars, medological literature, organization of seminars, trainings, outreach work with target groups, peer education)

Problem solving for better health (PSBH)
The mission of the PSBH program is to assist wide circles of participants in developing small-scale problem solving projects that will directly benefit many people especially in the sphere of health care, health protection, healthy life style, prevention of diseases, improvement of ecological situation. PSBH participants are encouraged to generate new ideas and methods to utilize the resources that are currently available more effectively to help solve specific health problems in their area. The program is implemented by means of educational training seminars. As the result of the seminars the project applications are submitted. The seminars are facilitated by international consultants.

To date during 14 years PSBH has been implemented in 32 countries: (Brazil, Bulgaria, China, El Salvador, Ghana, Guyana, India, Indonezia, Jordan, Nigeria, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, the USA, Zambia and others).

The program has been represented in Ukraine since 2000 by Regional Salus Foundation with the support of the American Dreyfus Health Foundation. During the time of project existing three were organized 17 workshops in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Lutsk. In around 20 other regions of Ukraine projects were supported financially. The results of the projects are discussed during special follow-up sessions.

Harm reduction projects
Harm reduction projects are aimed at the target groups - injective drug users and risk groups representatives with the purpose of prevention of HIV/AIDS and STI's. The activities include information work, outreach work, syringe exchanges etc.

Art against AIDS program

Projects for women
The activities developed for improving physical and psychical health of women. Special attention is paid to women in crisis. Gender problems.

Social projects
Providing information, councelling, specific social services connected with health protection.

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