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Programs and Projects

Seminar Problem Solving For better Health
October 29 - November 31, 2003
Number of participants - 51, number of projects supported financially - 34

1. Bilyanska Natalie NGO "The Rainbow Country"
Organization of creative free time for the members of the club of the young people with special needs (cerebral palsy)

2. Boyar Tetyana Ternopil state pedagogical post graduate institute, psychologist
Reduction of psychopathic inclinations among teenage prisoners of Berezhany Prison.

3. Bunko Natalya NGO "The Rainbow Country", activist
Integration of children with special needs (cerebral palsy) in to society

4. Vadzyuk Olga Ternopil city center of social cervices for youth, specialist, director
Prevention of negative tendencies within Ternopil youth

5. Vandyak Oksana Ternopil city women's club "The nation renaissance", social worker
Prevention of sexually transmitted infections among women in sex business of Ternopil.

6. Volynets Volodymyr Salus Milenii Caritable foundation, volunteer
Development and publication of the booklet " Inheriting of diseases and talents"

7. Havrylyuk Julia The all-Ukrainian League of Social workers, Ternopil branch
Educational consultations concerning increase of the level of medical-psychological readiness of young married couple to birth and bringing up their children

8. Huretskiy Serhiy Ternopil newspaper TOZ, journalist
Publication in Ternopil newspaper" of children pictures competition on the topic Smoking - it is not fashionable"

9. Ekhart Halyna NGO "Dovira" (Trust), social worker
Introduction of modern educational programs of physical and mental development for 23 children age 3-6 years in kinder garden #36 of Ternopil

10. Zholkevska Tetyana The all-Ukrainian League of Social workers, Ternopil branch, psychologist-volunteer
Correction art therapy with teenagers in Ternopil school #9

11. Zelenets Lyudmyla Community organization "Prosvita" (Education), project manager
Educational work with alcoholics and their family members

12. Kovalenko Nina Community organization "Prosvita" (Education)
Community support of women with breast cancer

13. Korolishyna Nina Ternopil hospital #2
Music therapy as to health improvement of youth (18-25 y.o).

14. Korzhak Mychaylyna Self-support group of parents with children with diabetis, retired
Development of the program "How to live with sugar diabetes". Publication and distribution of the informational booklet.

15. Oksana Lykhachynska Ternopil city center of social cervices for youth, specialist
Forming the healthy life style within school pupils of Ternopil

16. Lototska Olena The all-Ukrainian ecological League, doctor hygienist
Lightened classes - healthy children. Providing of sanitary hygiene norms of lightening of classes in the 1st forms in Ternopil

17. Lyaskovska IrynaThe all-Ukrainian League of Social workers, Ternopil branch, magistrant of the social pedagogics
The increase of the level of knowledge and skills of social - pedagogical work with people with special needs among graduates of Ternopil Institutions, which prepare workers of social sphere, with the help of educational training.

18. Malanchyn Iryna Ternopil state medical academy, gynecologist
Prevention of pre-natal losses within pregnant women in Ternopil obstetrics hospital #1

19. Mamonchuk Liliya Ternopil state pedagogical university
The increase of the level of medical, psychological and social awareness among "street children" of Ternopil for their social adaptation

20. Matsuk Mariya Ternopil women's association
Development of consulting services for social and psychological adaptation for women former prisoners of Zbarazh Prison #63

21. Nataliya Nahulyak Young Men Christian Association, volunteer
Educational-prophylactic program concerning harm of "soft drugs" usage among informal youth of Ternopil city

22. Nesmashna Halyna Informational methodology center of education, trainer
Educational training program with the purpouse of reduction of alcohol consuming by pupils of 10th classes of Ternopil school #29.

23. Pastushchak Nina The all-Ukrainian League of Social workers, Ternopil branch, volunteer
Development of training lessons for children from families of alcoholics"

24. Pushkarenko Vitaliy  Ternopil newspaper, student
The decrease of number of children, inclined to smoking and alcohol use from schools #7, #9, #12, #16 of Ternopil, whose parents are illegal immigrants abroad

25. Ratynska Oksana The all-Ukrainian League of Social workers, social worker
Definition of the influence of weather conditions on the thinking abilities of high school pupils.

26. Reglan Wieslawa Charitable Foundation SALUS, volunteer
Organization of the action to commemorate the international AIDS day

27. Reshetyk Halyna Ternopil women's association, head of the association
Publication and distribution of the book "I want to be mother" with information for 6-12 years girls about healthy life style and reproductive health.

28. Rud Chrystyna Ternopil city community youth organization "Share youth warmth", volunteer
Development of informational leaflets on healthy life style for children, whose parents work illegally abroad

29. Svider Mariya The all-Ukrainian League of Social workers, psychologist
Reduction of emotional lack of home warm among children of orphanage "The Holy Family" in Petrykiv village of Ternopil region. The correction training to reduce their aggressiveness

30. Skaliy Vyacheslav Ternopil amateur radio club
Recreational summer radio expedition of the radio amateur club to the iseland in Mykolaiv region in South Ukraine for 20 teenagers of "Sonyachniy" (The Sunny) neighborhood of Ternopil with the purpose of learning the professional skills

31. Snihur Zoryana Center of social services for youth "Dovira"
Improvement of ecological situation on Medova street of Ternopil

32. Sobchak Natalia The all-Ukrainian League of Social workers
Educational program on forming the sexual behavior of teenagers in Ternopil school #28 with the purpose to reduce the rate of early sexual experience

33.  Frolenkov Anatoliy Ternopil city community youth organization "Share youth warmth", coordinator
Development of the training course "Healthy life style" for 25 pupils (age 14-17) of Ternopil Secondary School #7, whose parents are working illegally abroad

34. Shashura Oleksandr Young Men Christian Association, instructor
Reduction of traumatism number among children and teenagers of Ternopil, during their participation in tourism events

PSBH Ternopil 2003

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