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Programs and Projects

Workshop ďProblem solving for better healthĒ
23-25 of September, 2004

1. Alieva Liudmyla Chernivtsi community organization "People help", directors' assistant
Solving hygienic problems of homeless persons in Chernivtsi

2. Anokhina Anastasia, Chernivtsi community organization "People help", informational manager
Prevention of alcoholism among homeless persons in —hernivtsi

3. Babushchak Andrew, —hernivtsi branch of Ukrainian scout organization "Plast", scout
Cleaning and construction of the play yard for children

4. Beshley Volodymyr, —hernivtsi Association of Active Youth, head of the organization
Sanitary repairs in the premises of —hernivtsi Association of Active Youth

5. Dovhan Victor, Federation of national hand-to-hand fighting, trainer
Summer camps for children combined with cleaning the riverside

6. Yehupov Vasyl, —hernivtsi charitable foundation "Life for the sake of life" - self-support group of people with HIV/AIDS, volunteer
Summer camps for children of 12-16 - the school of surviving provided by peers

7. Yefimov Gennadiy, —hernivtsi fan club of brothers Klytchko, trainer
Development of the sports club for children of 10-14

8. Ivankov Oleksiy, —hernivtsi Association of Active Youth, head of the rock club
Rock music in promotion of healthy life style

9. Ilko Mykola, —hernivtsi Association of Active Youth, leader of graffiti team
Performing the graffiti action promoting healthy life style

10. Kovbel Mariya, —hernivtsi city Pupil's Council, educator
Informing youth in —hernivtsi about proper diet in the region with high radiation level

11. Kukurudziak Vasyl, secondary school in village Kamianka —hernivtsi region, teacher
Development of ecological club for school children

12. Loziuk Anna, —hernivtsi community organization "Contemporary", psychologist-advisor
Training seminars on prevention of stress within children whose parents are illegally working abroad

13. Molchanova Julia, —hernivtsi Association of Active Youth, journalist
Improving the psychological situation of youth by means of development of literary/poetry club

14. Nikolaishyna Alyona, Charitable foundation "New Family" for HIV-positive, psychologist
HIV infection and young women

15. Rushynski Rushynski, charitable foundation "Metamorphoses", volunteer
Gardening in the education centre plot in village Rozanka

16. Serkova Liudmyla, Ecological community organization "Green world of Bukovyna", volunteer
Fresh air for —hernivtsi - struggle against air pollution

17. Sirman Oleg, —hernivtsi city pupil's council, pupil.
Development of the electronic informational herald for youth

18. Staryk Volodymyr, —hernivtsi community organization "People's house", arbitrary director
Informing community of —hernivtsi about ecological problems by means of publications in the informational herald "Toloka"

19. Teplyakov Dmytro, Federation of national hand-to-hand fighting, instructor
Teaching national hand-to-hand fighting students of —hernivtsi orphanage

20. Khalavka Yuriy, —hernivtsi branch of Ukrainian scout organization "Plast", member of the organization
Prevention of active and passive smoking among youth of Tchrernivtsi national University

21. Tchajka Tatiana, —hernivtsi club of Ukrainian youth, member of the club
Informational campaign in —hernivtsi about harm of smoking

22. Chorna Halyna, —hernivtsi youth political organization "Young Rukh", member of the organization
Informing high school pupils about harms of smoking

23. Chumak Ninel, —hernivtsi city pupil's council, pupil
Construction of the childrenís' play yard

24. Shevchuk Olga, —hernivtsi branch of Ukrainian scout organization "Plast", psychologist
Conducting the cycle of training courses in art therapy

25. Shova Tetyana, —hernivtsi community women's organization "Astra", consultant
ďNo smoking" informational and educational campaignĒ

26. Shutak Maria, Charitable foundation "Childhood", referent
Educational program for children and their parents about healthy food

27. Janchuk Yevhenia, —hernivtsi children's ecological organization "Parostok", specialist
Forming a group on development sensoryŮ functions

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