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Programs and Projects

PSBH projects in Ukraine

Participants of the workshop in Ivano-Frankivsk
September 27-29, 2001
Number of participants 55, number of projects supported financially - 39

1. Andriishyn Ludmyla-Oksana,Hospice,
Publication of the tutorial for volunteers of Hospice care

2. Andrusiak Volodymyr, Maltese aid services,
Training seminars for teenagers in Uhryn boarding school Ivano-Frankivsk oblast on the emergency first aid

3. Barduk Olha, NGO of blind women "White steck",
Recreational camp for 12 blind women in Sanatorium "Carpathean Pearl"
4. Beresa Ivan, unemployed
Developing the sport playground for children in the village of Sloboda

5. Bondarenko Maya, NGO "Institute of the city development",
Popularization of the DNH diagnostic of uro-genital infections in the Ivano-Frankivsk Medical Academy

6. Bura Liliana, Association of social workers, regional department,
Trainings on forming healthy life style for teenagers of the school No 22 of Ivano-Frankivsk

7. Vynnytska Bohdanna, Scout organization "Plast,
Development and cleaning of the recreation zone on Khotkevycha str. in Ivano-Frankivsk

8. Vynnytska Oksana, Association of social workers, regional department,
Development and cleaning of the backyard of the association premises in Ivano-Frankivsk

9. Genyk Lesia, Dermatologist, Kolomyia,
Improving the diagnostic methods in diagnosing AIDS/HIV and STDs
10. Gogilchyn Maria, NGO of blind women "White stick",
Training seminar for blind women on their social and psychological adaptation, development of the audio training materials.

11. Gorbachova Lubov, "Solidarity Foundation" for drug addicted,
Seminar for the school teachers on prevention of smoking within teenagers
12. Dychka Taisia, Regional center "Ukrainian women Union",
Prevention of the diseases connected with stress during testing sessions of students in Physic-technical lyceum

13. Zvartchuk Alexander, Students brotherhood, Nadvirna,
Organization of the debate tournament "Prevention of the addictions, HIV/AIDS and STDs among youth

14. Ivasiv Roman, Childrens' Christian association "Sokolata",
Artistic Training for handicapped children "Believe in yourself"

15. Kyzymovych Daniila, NGO of young handicapped "Brotherhood"
Supply in hygienic items of handicapped children from poor families

16. Kniazev Ihor, Regional Salus Foundation,
Harm reduction informational program in the non-formal hippie and panky youth summer camp
17. Korotka Oksana, Ecologic League of Ukraine,
Training for members of children's ecologic organization, publication of booklet about herbs

18. Krupiak Andrew, Students brotherhood, Nadvirna,
Eco-action on cleaning up the polluted recreation zone in Nadvirna

19. Kuzmichonok Tetiana, Regional center "Ukrainian women Union",
Training course of eidetic for students of physics-techniques lyceum of Ivano-Frankivsk

20. Melnychuk Halyna, Ivano-Frankivsk Medical academy, dentist,
Prevention of dental diseases among children of the school No 5 in Ivano-Frankivsk

21. Myloserdova Halyna, Educational center "Perspective",
Promotion of healthy life style among preschool children
22. Minduk Youri, Scout organization "Plast",
Prevention of smoking among school children, publication of booklets

23. Nizhashcha Irene, Association of social workers, regional department,
Training Courses of medical massage for parents of children with cerebral palsy

24. Panchyshyn Maria, Association of social workers, regional department, charitable foundation of artistic initiative "Palitra",
Organization of artistic planar in the shelter for homeless children

25. Panchyshyn Nazar, student
Training picnic camp for children from crisis families (after divorse)

26. Petriv Radyslav, "Solidarity Foundation" for drug addicted,
Peer education and training of volunteers working within Harm reduction program of prevention of HIV/AIDS spread in Kalush and Halych districts
27. Reshitnyk Nadia, "Solidarity Foundation" for drug addicted,
Publication of booklet on harm reduction, prevention of HIV/AIDS
28. Rumak Oksana, Association of social workers, regional department,
Artistic training for 10 handicapped children with cerebral palsy
29. Sluzhynska Zynovia, Regional Salus foundation, Lviv,
Publication of tutorial on genetics for family doctors

30. Sluchyk Victor, NGO "Institute of the city development",
Improving the studies on helminthology and parasitology in Ivano-Frankivsk medical Academy

31. Sorokhtey Lubov, Community Services of Ukraine,
Publication of informational bulletin on Psychological problems (stress situations etc.)

32. Sorokhtey Oles, psychiatrist,
Training seminar for nurses on psychiatry

33. Tyshko Olha, Educational center "Perspective",
Development of the fitness play yard for teenagers club "The health" in Ivano-Frankivsk suburbs

34. Tomashek Lilia, Ukrainian Medical Association,
Sociologic survey among people disabled due to psychic disease, learning courses on sewing for psychiatric patients

35. Tsymbalista Olha, NGO "Ukrainian Youth for Christ",
Sexual education among shool children of Ivano-Frankivsk

36. Chmelyk Ludmyla, City council of pupils governing,
Improvement of physical training and health care in pre schools of Ivano-Frankivsk

37. Chopyk Orysia, Womens' organization "Slavia",
Publication of tutorial for young mothers " care for children under 1 year, breast feeding"

38. Shyndak Vitaly, Republican Christian youth,
Development of the theatre studio for deviant behaving children

39. Shkriblak Halyna, Maltese Aid Services,
Training seminars on the emergency first aid

PSBH Ivano-Frankivsk 2001

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