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Programs and Projects

PSBH projects in Ukraine

Participants of the workshop in Ivano-Frankivsk
March 6-8, 2003
Number of participants 48, number of projects supported financially - 30

1. Bay Nadiya, Association of social workers, Ivano-Frankivsk regional department. Psychological correction work for fear, conflicts and aggressive behavior prevention with 30-35 children, which stay at Ivano-Frankivsk shelter for under age children.

2. Besaha Galyna, Women's Community of Ivano-Frankivsk. Prevention of tuberculosis spreading within students of physics-technologies college of Ivano-Frankivsk

3. Biliak Vitaliy. Charitable foundation Metamorphosis, coordinator. Training for teachers in the remote towns on STIs and HIV prevention 

4. Bura Liliana. Association of social workers, Ivano-Frankivsk regional department. Organization of training workshops "How to say "NO" to prevent youth from trying the "light" cannabis

5. Velychkovska Nataliya, Ivano-Frankivsk children's organization" Sokolyata". Organization of training, directed on formation "me-scope" with children in conflict situation 

6. Gilevich Valentyn: Charitable Salus Foundation, Lviv, volunteer. Outreach work with sex-workers, who work at camping in Stryj, with the purpose of prevention of sexually transmitted infections"

7. Gunchak Lesya. Maltese Aid Services. Publication of recommendations in first pre medical aid for education among pupils of Ugornytska boarding school of Ivano-Frankivsk region

8. Dykun Lesya. Ivano-Frankivsk city women's NGO "Lada". Creation of children playground in Dovzhenko street in Ivano-Frankivsk
9. Ivanyshak Mariya. Ivano-Frankivsk Youth Community center "Etalon". Training on habits of proper breathing

10. Karatov Victor. Charitable Foundation "Solidarity", student. Training workshop for 75 participants about drug addictions.

11. Katamay Tetyana. Ivano-Frankivsk city women's NGO "Lada", tax officer. Educational program, concerning increase of self realization of women from State Tax Administration of Ivano-Frankivsk

12. Martsinkiv Ruslan. Scout organization "Plast. will Development of trainings and competition of postcards and leaflets concerning danger of alcohol among pupils of Ivano-Frankivsk

13. Mykhalchuk Volodymyr. Ivano-Frankivsk juridical organization of orphans "Faith in the Future". Educational program, concerning risk of HIV/AIDS infection and transition in Ugornytska boarding school # 2 for orphans

14. Mykhalchuk Svitlana. Association of social workers, Tlumach town department. Organization of communication club for women of post delivery period, who live in Tlumach town, in order to decrease cases of depression among these women 

15. Mosiychuk Vasyl. Ivano-Frankivsk juridical organization of orphans "Faith in the Future". Publication and distribution of educational-informational bulletin, concerning danger of stresses and worrying among school leavers of boarding school of Ivano -Frankivsk

16. Olshanska Maria, Charitable Foundation SALUS Millenii. Publication of methodology guide "Genealogy" for students of medical institutions of Ivano-Frankinsk 

17. Osadchuk Oksana. Association of social workers, Horodenka town department. Development of educational program in sexual education for pupils of 8-9 forms of school #1 in Horodenka 

18. Pavlyshak Olga. Association of social workers, Ivano-Frankivsk regional department. Organization of the summer camp in mountain area, for children of the workers of the Association

19. Petrich Serhiy. Children's charitable organization "Carpathian patterns", designer. Organization of the summer camp in Carpathian mountains for talented children, members of the orchestra "Carpathian patterns" in Ivano-Frankivsk

20. Popovitch Petro. Ivano-Frankivsk regional prenatal center. Publication and distribution of informational letters on chlamydia infection among women of reproductive age in Ivano- Frankivsk.

21. Skrynnyk Natalya: Charitable organization "Caritas ivano-Frankivsk". Renovation of charitable soup kitchen "Caritas - Ivano-Frankivsk Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church"

22. Smolenska Iryna: Ivano-Frankivsk Center for self-support of alcoholics "Unity". Development of psychological trainings at summer camps for members of alcohol addicted families, who visit AA groups of Ivano-Frankivsk city

23. Solomiychuk Olga: Association of social workers, Verkhovyna department. Organization of ecological educational work among "green tourists" in Verhovynskiy district

24. Stotsky Vasyl: Ivano-Frankivsk city Department of youth and family. Informational campaign in 32 towns and villages of Dolyna district with the purpose to reduce alcohol usage

25. Tymchuk Victoria: Ivano-Frankivsk Shool of Equal Possibilities. Educational program regarding STI's and methods of prevention among Ivano-Frankivsk pupils

26. Philipowa Halyna. Ivano-Frankivsk Childrens' Christian association "Sokolata". The artistic competition on "Contra advertising" cigarettes in Ivano-Frankivsk 

27. Cymbaliuk Dmytro. Ivano-Frankivsk Association of gynecologists, gynecologist in prenatal department of maternity hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk. Supply in the needed medications for poor women in the last trimester of their pregnancy with detected TORCH-infections

28. Shtogrina Lyudmyla: Ivano-Frankivsk Regional center of "Ukrainian League of Women"". Organization of Ivano-Frankivsk dance groups festival-report, with advertising campaigns 

29. Shumada Iryna: Ivano-Frankivsk charitable foundation of artistic initiative "Palitra". educational training to improve knowledge of teenagers on STIs prevention 





30. Yaremko Marian, Ivano-Frankivsk Center of the Family Planning. Prevention of the inherited diseases


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