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Programs and Projects

April 12-14, 2000
Number of participants - 64, number of projects supported financially - 49 (due to the similar idea and target groups two project were compiled in one under #13)

  1. Baran Olena, medical center "Astar", microbiologyst, laboratory assistant. Developing the program on diagnostics of Chlamydia Trachomatis in couples with infertility and miscarriages by the method of PCR diagnostics
  2. Bereziuk Oleh, Lviv State Medical University, department of psychiatry, assistant. Development of the seminars for the doctors regarding possibilities of the private practice.
  3. Bilynska Maryna, family doctor.Kyiv. Implementation in the outpatients clinic of Kyiv of special self-control card for patients with arterial hypertension
  4. Chimyak Igor, Lviv children's ecological center, veterinarian. Developing of the ecological-health expedition of schoolchildren to national park SKOLIVSKIY in Carpathiean Mountains
  5. Chimyak Lesia, Lviv regional children's specialized hospital, doctor - laboratory assistant.Detection of the bacteriological status of vagina and cervices in women with infertility and reproductive losses addressing to the Scientific Medical Diagnostic Centre
  6. Chudyk Larysa, Lviv Institute of Internal Affairs, teacher, Developing of the course of anti alcohol education for the Institute of Internal Affairs students
  7. Chudyk Svitlana , Lviv regional specialized children's hospital, physytian, nephrologist. Developing and edition of the leaflets for children with kidney diseases and their parents
  8. Dykun Oleksandr, Lviv State Medical University after Danylo Halycki, subordinator. Program on decrease of abortions among adolescents
  9. Franchuk Olena, Lviv center od sexual health, physytian-bacteriologist. Program for physicians on implementation of the new diagnostic method - Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  10. Gaba-Gerasevitch Oksana, Lviv railways dentistry, dentist. Implementation of the special dentist materials for treatment of the patients - victims of Chemobil
  11. Garasevitch Oleg, Lviv regional institute of education, scientific research fellow. Developing the database of the ecological organizations of the Lviv region
  12. Glinina Irina, Regional Salus Foundation, volunteer. Developing the program of HIV awareness among the youth of the transport college

  13. Grytsyniak Iryna, Lviv school ¹ 23, teacher. Developing of demonstrating materials on STD's prevention for senior secondary school students

    Krystyniak Oksana, Lviv newspaper "Ratusha", editor. Developing and edition of the program on HIV and STIs prevention for schoolchildren
  14. Hasiuk Bohdan, scout organization "Plast", member of the board. Summer camp for children 6-8 years of age in Carpathean mountains"
  15. Herbolka Lubomyr, Lviv regional desinfection station, head doctor. Utilization and recycling of the used syringes.
  16. Kalyniuk Petro, Lviv city hospital No 3, genenic. Publication of the tutorial on genealogy
  17. Kanchalaba Oles', museum of the History of Halician Medicine, director. Prophylactic-educational programm on prevention of parasitary diseases among youth, developing the round table in the Lviv Medical Association
  18. Konyk Alla, medical center Astar, gynecologist. Developing, edition and free of charge distribution of the leaflets GYNECOLOGICAL HEALTH among women working on the market places of Lviv
  19. Krivitska Tetiana, NGO "Dzerelo" for children with cerebral pulcy, lawyer. Prevention and treatment of pulmonary disorders among handicapped
  20. Kushnir Myron, boarding school No3, dentist. Developing the program on caries prevention among the pupils of the boarding school
  21. Kuzemska Svitlana, Lviv State University after Ivan Franko, lawyer. Development and broadcasting of radioprograms on legal advize for HIV-positive persons
  22. Labiak Osyp, Lviv city park after B. Khmelnytsky, engineer. Renovation of the square park on Bibliotechna str. In Lviv
  23. Lavryk Andriy, Lviv interregional hospital for prisoners, surgeon. Prevention of the post operation complications among the patients of the special surgery clinic for prisoners
  24. Lopushansky Vsevolod, Lviv charitable foundation "Child's World", member of the board. Developing of the program of psychological support for the children with oncogematological disorders
  25. Lychkovska Olena, Lviv State Medical University, department of propadevtic of children's illnesses, assistant. Developing the conference for pediatricians of the Lviv region on psychosomatic problems in children and edition materials of the conference
  26. Ostrovercha Yuriy, regional Health center, head doctor, Developing the diary of the medical and social care centres of the city of Lviv
  27. Pavliv Oleh, Lviv regional patalogy-anatomic center, patalogy anatomist. Burrying of the bodies and post-surgery remains
  28. Pavlyshyn Myroslav, selectioneer, retired. Organization of the campaign against mosquitoes in new subarbs of Lviv
  29. Polischuk Natalia, Lviv regional specialized children's hospital, children's doctor, gastroenterologist. Developing and edition the leaflet for children with celiacia and their parents
  30. Romashkina Maya, C@C company, ecologist. Program on decrease of the level of harmful influence of rubbish place situated near Lviv
  31. Saliak Neonila, Lviv medical college, methodist. Developing of campaign against rats in the building of art library and the garden around it
  32. Savchak Igor, Lviv State Medical University after Danylo Halycki., student, Study on developing of smoking among the teenagers and students of Lviv
  33. Slyzhynska Marianna, Lviv medical scientific center Astar, dermatologist. Installation of the garbage collectors on the corner of Aralska-Oles' streets
  34. Slyzhynska Zynovia, Lviv State Medical University after Danylo Halycki, docent. Prevention of the ecological balance by cleaning the natural creeks in the village Rudno of Lviv region
  35. Sorochtey Luba, Ivano-Frankivsk regional psychological hospital ¹ 3, doctor-psychiatrist. Program of provision of the children with mental disorders of Ivano-Frankivsk with special toys and devices for their better development
  36. Stasiuk Marta, Lviv Regional Clinic Children Hospital, physytian, pediatrician. Providing orphans who stay on treatment in the Regional Clinic Children Hospital with special care
  37. Stojka Bohdana, Lviv Institute of Genetic Patology, gynecologist. Medical and social adaptation of families having children with inherited diseases
  38. Telishevska Maria, Lviv State Medical University after Danylo Halycki, docent. Detection of the Cytomegalovirus rate among the children in age before three years old/ treated in the Lviv children's clinics
  39. Tereschuk Yulia, Lviv city club "Debates", director, Program on the dental diseases prevention for the students of the Lviv secondary school
  40. Tushitsky Orest, NGO "Young medics of Lviv", head of organization. Implementation of the sexual education program for secondary schools of the Lychakivsky region of Lviv

  41. Tychonska Irina, Lviv regional psychiatric hospitals, psychiatrist. Implementation of the art-therapy method for prevention of the psychical disorders in patients of the children department of the Lviv Psychiatric Clinic
  42. Vasyliev Marta, Lviv State Medical University, student, Development of the AIDS-inform telephone hot-line

  43. Volodko Natalia, Lviv State Medical University after Danylo Halycki, oncology department. Docent. Developing of the campaign of the cervical cancer prevention among the female of the Lviv region

  44. Voznytsia Oles', Lviv charitable foundation "Child's World", pediatrician. Developing and printing materials for the Center for psychological support of the children with enuresis
  45. Vytrykush Oksana, Lviv city infectious clinical hospital, infectionist. Information provision of physicians working in the women's outpatient clinics with leaflets on TORCH infections
  46. Woloch Marek, Regional Salus Foundation, volunteer. Developing materials on safe sex for free of charge distribution among the youth in disco clubs of Lviv
  47. Yaniv Larysa, 3d hospital, gynecologist. Program of implementation of the newest disinfections substancesin in the 3rd Lviv Obstetrician Clinic
  48. Zavadovitch Oles', Lviv charitable foundation "park ZNESINNIA", head of the foundation. Developing of the health routs on the area of the regional park ZNESINNIA

PSBH Lviv 2000

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