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Programs and Projects

PSBH projects in Ukraine

Seminar Problem Solving For better Health
7-9 april 2001, Lviv.
Number of participants 63, number of projects supported financially - 52

1. Antakhovych Ihor, City children's ecological naturalistic center
Rehabilitation of children with cerebral pulcy by means of horse riding

2. Brzezinska Irena, Lviv Newspaper "Postup", reporter.
 Organization of the action "Postup against AIDS" 

3. Bobryk Luba, City center of sexual education for children and teenagers, Ginecologist
Improvement of the sexual culture and education among teenagers
4. Buha Natalie, Charitable Foundation Salus, volunteer. 
Development of the round tables on trafficking among women
5. Vanchynska Olena, Lviv Sexual Health Center. Dermatologist. 
Developing the leaflet "How to Get Rid of Inflammatory Diseases?"

6. Vasyliev Martha, Charitable Foundation Salus, manager of youth programs. Exchange of experience with the NGO TADA (Poland) regarding medical and social help for injection drug users
7. Vykhopen Oksana, Lviv state Medical University, Student
Gardening of the area of the Regional Prenatal Centre with the aim of improvement of ecological situation of the medical institution

8. Voznytsia Oles, Charitable Foundation "The World of Child". 
Support in developing informational telephone book "Lviv Medicine in 2002"
9. Vozniuk Uliana, Sexual Health Centre, Nurse. 
Prophylactic of the professional diseases for medical staff, developing of sanitary booklet

10. Volynets Omelan, Ternopil oblast council, Engineer
Publication of the booklet "Is The Dog Your Friend In All Cases ?" and renovation of the children's play yard in Ternopil

11. Gagarkin Mykola, Fund "Charity", Mykolaiv city, Director
Improvement of knowledge regarding HIV/STIs in 20 drug addicted prisoners
12. Gilevych Valentine, Salus Foundation, Volunteer
HIV prevention among women of sex-business working on highways. Bakynska str., 16, Lviv

13. Hnat Irena, Regional Center of social adaptation
TB prevention among former prisoners of the Center's shelter
14. Golovyn Bohdan, Organization "Prosvita"
Education of teenagers on healthy life style

15. Horelenko Natalia, NGO "Doroha" working with AA groups, Volunteer
Summer psychotherapeutic camp for problematic children on base of the program "12 steps to freedom"

16. Hrycyk Lilia, Gynecologist
Development and distribution of informational posters on cervical cancer prevention

17. Demchyna Peter, Charitable centre "CVIT UKRAINY", Tchervonohrad, Lviv obl
Organization of lections in high schools of Tchervonohrad and Sosnivka: "AIDS, drug-addictions, STDs"

18. Dutka Zoriana, Lviv Medical University, Student
Graffiti competition "Graffiti anti-AIDS"

19. Dutka Ihor, Lviv state medical university, Student
Infectious post trauma complications prevention among poor elderly

20. Dyakiv Vasyl, Lviv National University, Geological department, Head of the X-ray -structural analysis laboratory
Information about possibilities of the X-ray diffraction diagnostics of human bio-mineral formations
21. Zabrodska Irena, community "Metamorphosis". 
Organization of the training "Respect the Nature" for children of junior school age.
22. Ivantsiv Oleh, Children's clinical hospital, Orthopaedist, president of the club "Pozir"
Support of the activities of the youth sports' club "Pozir"

23. Kanaka Andrew, Lviv secondary school 33, Teacher of physical training
Rehabilitation and prevention of the diseases of bearing and spine among pupils

24. Kvasnytsia Lilia, Children's school of folk arts, Textile artist
Developing the art exhibition "Textile Art Against AIDS"

25. Kyselchuk Nadia, Hospital for prisoners, director
Preventive measures against HIV and TB for the hospital staff members
26. Kovaliv Iryna, Institute of hereditary pathologies, genetic
Publication of the booklet about medical-genetic counseling

27. Kovaluk Youri (DJ Buratino), Lviv National University, Student
Developing the prevention program "Dance against AIDS" in the Lviv discos

28. Kovalchuk Olena, Regional Salus Foundation, office manager. 
Study of commercial sex workers' needs regarding introducing medical and social services in the environment

29. Kotsai Bohdan, Clinic hospital for children, Pediatrician
Psychological adaptation of the families with children suffering from cancer
30. Krysryniak Oleh, Charitable Salus Foundation, teacher.
Recreational training for teenagers of the socially vulnerable families

31. Luchynski Ostap, College of applied and decorative art, Teacher, artist-smith
Improvements in lightning, air conditioning in the artistic workshops of the college

32. Makarov Vitaly, NGO "New Generation", Kherson
Debate club game "Clean City" regarding sanitary and hygiene problems

33. Makukh Galina, Institute of Hereditary Pathology, Biologist. Prevention of the birth of a child with cystofibrosis in the families with hereditary pathology

34. Marchuk Marianna, Center of Social services for youth, Chervonohrad, Lviv obl.
Distribution of the useful information among drug addicted of Chervonohrad

35. Mykytas Olena, Kherson Oblast center "Successful woman"
Scouts ecological expedition on cleaning the Kardashyn bay in Kherson

36. Nevzhoda Nadia, Institute of hereditary pathologies, Head of the medical-genetic center
Publication of the Booklet " Pathologies in sexual development of child. Family tactics"

37. Ogorchak Galina, Medical center "Astar"
Developing of recreation zone in the inner yard of the buildings in the central part of the city
38. Ostroverkha Roxolana, Lviv Medical University, Student
Publication of guide book "Where to address in Lviv in case of emergency" and distribution of the book during social events
39. Petryk Natalie, Charitable Foundation Salus. Volunteer. 
Information for the teachers of kindergarten about methods of early intellectual and physycal development of children

40. Petrus Catherine, Organization "Prosvita", retired Pharmacist
Workshop for pupils on genealogy and hereditary signs

41. Pechiy Peter, Lviv Oblast Clinical Hospital, Physician
Developing the conference "Psychosomatic pathology of adults"

42. Pniovsky Vitaly, NGO "Nadia", Kolomyja, Ivano-Frankivsk obl, director
Educating of youth - promotion of healthy life style

43. Saliak Neonila, Lviv Medical College, Teacher. Organisation of the fitness club for elderly women. 
44. Savenko Lidia, Lviv Psychiatric Hospital, children's department, Physician
Puppets theatre in the children department of the psychiatry hospital

45. Sambir Maria, Lviv Secondary School No 71, Dentist's assistant. 
Round tables in in Lviv secondary schools #71, 33, 88 on hereditary forms of cavities, prevention and developing of genealogical schemes

46. Stelmakh Maria, Lviv City Department of Education, School inspector.
Developing information materials on support of children from socially vulnerable families.

47. Sluzhynska Maryana, Charitable Foundation Salus, vice-president. 
International Health Day Celebrations.

48. Tovstolit Lesia, Fund Anti-AIDS, Poltava, Consultant
Developing of the information leaflets for female sex-workers about AIDS/HIV, STI's

49. Tomina Maria, Fund "Unitus", Mykolaiv, Psychologist
Reduction of sex and reproductive rights' discrimination of women living with HIV in Mykolaiv
50. Tretiak Kostantyn, Charitable Salus Foundation, microbiologist. 
Spreading information on STD's diagnostics in Lviv region and improvements in working conditions of the DNA diagnostics laboratory.
51. Khimiak Ihor, Lviv city children's' ecology center
Improvements in nourishment of poor children (Organization and running a turkey farm)

52. Chyzhyk Svitlana, City Health Center, physycian
Improvement of the reproductive health of teenager girls


PSBH Lviv 2001

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