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Programs and Projects

Workshop Problem Solving For better Health. Lviv Initiative
May 28-30, 2002
Number of participants - 65, number of projects supported financially - 62

1. Baluk Maria, Lviv secondary school # 4, teacher. Development of the ecological club in the school

2. Bohatyriova Christine, Lviv Regional Children's Clinic Hospital, psychologist. Development of the psychotherapy room in the hospital

3. Bodnar Halyna, Lviv Psychiatric Dispensary, student of psychology. Organization of the art exhibition of the autistic children

4. Bodnar Liudmyla, Lviv city ecological center, leader of the club on interests. Greening and flowering of Lviv Prenatal Center's area
5. Verigo Pavlo, Lviv institute of fire department, Senior teacher. Development of tutorial for the students of the institute on of HIV/AIDS prevention


6. Vollokh Marek, Charitable Foundation METAMORPHOSY, volunteer. Harm reduction informational program in the non-formal hippie and panky youth summer camp near Shypit falls in Transcarpathea
7. Volodko Natalia, Lviv State Medical University, the Chair of Oncology, teacher. Organization of the scientific conference on prevention of cervical cancer. 
8. Holovyn Roxolyana, Lviv Regional Children's Clinic Hospital, allergologist. Publication of the leaflet for parents and practical physicians on prevention of allergies among children

9. Hrycaniuk Marianna, Lviv Regional Children's Clinic Hospital for Chernobyl victims, allergologist, doctors' assistant, laboratory worker. Introduction of the program of diagnozing fungus diseases in children with weak immune system

10. Hural Mykola, Center "Doroha", Consultant. Training for the team working with addictions

11. Grushynska Oksana, Charitable Foundation METAMORPHOSY. Program on renovation of the small park in the center of Lviv 

12. Gurej Taras, Lviv City Council, Department for Criminalized youth, Head of the department. Ecological camp for teenagers (cleaning up the recreation zone)
13. Dzes Yevhen, Lviv Institute of the Blood Pathologies, professor. Development and publication of methodical recommendations for medical students "Blood losses"
14. Dutka Zoryana, Charitable Foundation METAMORPHOSY, volunteer.
Campaign for AIDS-Info phone line promotion

15. Zabrodski Eduard, Charitable Foundation METAMORPHOSY, volunteer. Recreational summer camp for teenagers 

16. Ivanchuk Roma, Regional Salus Foundation, volunteer. Harm reduction program for sex workers

17. Ivat Renata, Lviv City Labor Center, Youth Department, Staff manager. Cleaning up the park "Cytadel" in the City Center with involvement of students and unemployed youth

18. Ivakhiv Hanna, Children's ecological organization "Interscholar ecological museum", Head of the organization. Summer ecological camp "Hlynna Navaria - 2002"
19. Kerniakevych Alexander, Lviv center of social protection and rehabilitation of disabled persons, Head of the directors' board. Rehabilitation and social support of women with breast cancer
20. Kechur Dzvenyslava, Lviv railways policlinics, gynecologist. Equipment for the room of auto training for the patients with psychical dysfunctions
21. Kyjko Andrew, Committee of the Nature Prevention, Executive director. Ecological, educational and recreational summer camp for children from poor families

22. Kyselchuk Nadia, Lviv regional Hospital for prisoners, Head of the hospital. Preventive measures against hepatitis B among the hospital staff members

23. Koval Yuri, Medical center "Family and Doctor", Director, proctologist. Ambulatory assistance for proctology patients 

24. Kovalchuk Maria, Lviv police department #7, senior inspector. Preventive activities against drug use among neglected children in the neighbourhood of police department #7

25. Kodrov Vasyl, Neuropatologist. Informative programs on local TV about new methods of treatment of allergy 

26. Koscyk Natalia, Ukrainian Academy of Science, Institute of Hereditary Pathology, Podiatrician. Information for practical physicians on medical genetics 
27. Kril Natalie, Children's ecological organization "Black pigeon", Head of the organization. Ecological marathon "Lviv Parks"

28. Kryviak Andrew, Lviv State Medical University, student. Publication of the methodical recommendations on inter personal therapy of drug addicted patients

29. Kryzhanivska Daria, Sakhadzha joga society in Lviv, Vice head of the society. Sakhadzha joga against stress and bad habits
30. Krystyniak Oksana, Foundation METAMORPHOSY, volunteer. Organization of the ecological and recreational summer camp in Ternopil region for teenagers (15-17 years old) with studies of herb collection
31. Kuzma Olena, Regional Salus Foundation, Volunteer. Genealogical surveys of talented and gifted people 

32. Kushnir Danylo, Regional Foundation METAMOROHOSY, provider. Implementation of new electronic technologies in improving spreading information about health

33. Lysak Tetiana, Lviv secondary school #4, teacher. Recreation and preventive summer camps in Skole and Sambir regions of Lviv oblast

34. Lilikevych Hanna, Lviv psychoneurologic dispensory, psychotherapeut, Development of the training on learning household activities for patients with chronic psychical disfunctions

35. Markevych Natalie, Ukrainian Academy of Science, Institute of Genetic Pathology, neurologist. Selective screening of genetic neuro-muscular diseases
36. Malavsky Ihor, Galician Children's and Youth Creative Center, Instructor, teacher of biology. Informational campaign in four villages of Ternopil region about water purifying in cave district. Publication of the leaflet for inhabitants of the villages 

37. Nefedova Maria, Lviv regional sanitary epidemiologic station, head of the laboratory. Improvement of the laboratory monitoring on diagnozing cholera in open water sources in recreation zones of the Lviv region"

38. Oleksiak Olha , Lviv regional Oncology Dispensary, Gynecologist. Improvement in treatment of the pre-cancer forms of the cervix uteri 
39. Pidkova Oksana, Regional Specialized Children Hospital, Head nurse. Developing the poster about danger of professional infections for nurses
40. Pyshnyk Oksana, Charitable foundation "Sun light", vice-president. Implementation of the program "Healthy Scholar"
41. Polishchuk Natalia, Charitable foundation of social and psychological assistance "Harmony", Children's gastroenterologist. Publication of the booklet on dietology for children with gastroenterological diseases
42. Prytulka Oksana, Lviv city sanitary epidemiological station, Epidemiologist, TB prevention campaign in Lviv
43. Romanets Olena, Charitable foundation Avante, coordinator. Organization of the city conference "Sexual education of children and teenagers"
44. Saluk Lubomyra, Medical company "Edelveis", editor of the magazine "Galicia pharmacy". Informational publication with the aim of increasing the awareness of the pharmacies sellers about selling drug containing medicine to children and teenagers
45. Samsonova Julia, Lviv State Medical University, student. Development of the artistic workshop for the patients with psychical disfunctions

46. Sen Iryna, Lviv psychoneurological dispensory, nurce. Organization of the club of interests for patients with psychical disfunctions. Organization of the art exhibition

47. Sayevych Taras, Charitable Foundation Salus, volunteer. Organization of action dedicated to International AIDS Day

48. Simo Mykola, Lviv state railway hospital. Physician on Ultrasonic Diagnosing. Improving the system of registration of the ultrasound results. Introduction of doplerography 

49. Sirska Jaryna, Private art club, teacher. Involvement of the youth in the artistic actions as a preventive measure against social pathologies

50. Sorokivska Svitlana, Sexual Health Center, Gynecologist.
Help for woman with chronic diseases

51. Sorokopud Jaroslawa, Gender Center after Kobrynska, psychologist, coordinator. Developing program on rational diet for the families in the villages of Western Ukraine 

52. Sorochtey Roman, Internet Market Center company, director. Development of the web-site for people with asthma in Western Ukraine

53. Steciuk Yuri, Maltese Aid Services, Dentist. Stomatological assistance for people with low income

54. Struk Svitlana, Lviv oncology dispensory, 2nd ginecology department, Gynecologist. Information campaign on prevention of the cervical cancer 

55. Fedoryshyn Ludmyla, Charitable foundation of social and psychological assistance "Harmony", Neurologist. Publication of the leaflet on psychosomatic dysfunctions

56. Filc Youri, Lviv State Medical University, student, Publication of the informational Bulletin for patients with psychical dysfunctions

57. Kchimyak Ihor, Lviv City Youth Ecological Centre, Teacher. Developing of the ecological camp for children from socially unprotected families

58. Khomyn Volodymyr, Maltese Aid Services, Dentist. Preventive campaign on protection of hands and eyes among dentists and their assistants

59. Ciorokh Angela, Fund "Rehabilitation of disabled", Doctor, volunteer. Implementation of new methods for improving of medical examination of patients with spinal trauma

60. Shaveliuk Tetiana, Lviv State Medical University, the chair of x-ray diagnostic, doctor. Developing campaign for prevention of professional diseases among the physicians working with ultrasound

61. Shpunt Nadia, Lviv kindergarten #31, Teacher, logopedist. Program on correction for children with disartria and speaking defects
62. Janush Olha, City peer education youth organization, Vice executive director. Training seminar for peers on healthy life style

PSBH Lviv 2002 (May)

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