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Programs and Projects

Seminar Problem Solving For better Health
October 24-26, 2002
Number of participants - 60, number of projects supported financially - 49

1. Artyshko Yaroslav, Charitable Foundation "Doctors Without Borders", Lviv department, president. "Non-insulin diabetes: early diagnosing and sanitary-educational activities
2. Bereziuk Maria, Charitable Foundation Salus, Lviv, oncologist. Development and implementation of the preventive measures towards early diagnosing of breast cancer in women

3. Beshley Volodymyr, Ukrainian public house in Tchernivtsi, ccountant. Cleaning up children's back yard in Kalichanka district of Tchernivtsi 
4. Bilanska Natalia, Ternopil children's organization "Rainbow's country", methodist. Organization of the club for young disabled people.

5. Bratus Oleksandr, NGO "Light", Lviv. Organization of the workshop on HIV/AIDS for medical personnel of Lviv and region, publication of the booklets
6. Burova Olha, Lviv regional Charitable foundation to support children with weak eyes "ZIR", project coordinator. Preparing educational textbooks for children with weak sight 
7. Hasolyshyn Vladyslav, Ternopil city's NGO " Pidlitkovyy Dim", coordinator of psychological center. Program of reproductive health for 60 teenagers 

8. Hanysh Lyudmyla, Child's House 1, coordinator. Assistance in the equipping of LFK room and massage at Child's House 1 of Lviv, for children with central nervous system affection and mentally challenged

9. Hereta Symon, Charity Fund "Metamorphoses", member of the director's board, Improving situation and gardening in the garden of the central part of the city

10. Hercyk Natalie, Association of rehabilitation specialists, manager. Building and construction of elevator for handicapped children at Secondary school 82 of Lviv.
11. Holovyn Iryna, Lviv Secondary School 88, teacher. Printing of systematic materials in methods of genealogical tree creation for pupils of senior forms

12. Horelenko Rima, Lviv outpatient clinic 5, biochemist. Creation of information corner and conditions for patients of Central Clinical Children Hospital of Lviv city. 
13. Gronska Olena, Charitable foundation Salus, manager of the art programs. Organization of the performance "Body-art against AIDS"

14. Grusha Youri, Ivano-Frankivsk city association of disabled children, psychologist. Development of the center of games therapy for children with special needs (cerebral palsy, mentally challenged etc.)

15. Gunevych Martha, Lviv children's chamber orchestra, teacher. Recreation of children-members of the chamber orchestra during recreational-artistic trip to Crimea

16. Demchyna Taras, Charitable Foundation "Renaissance", Chervonohrad, Lviv. Region, social worker. Danger for your health - in your unsafe behaviour, harm reduction program for injection drug users

17. Dzurabayeva Maya, association "Hrytsiv Renaissance", head of the information center. Ecological actions in Shepetivka region of Khmelnytska obl.

18. Yezhova Irena, Lviv oncology Center, oncology gynecologist. Information campaign on risk factors in developing cervical cancer

19. Zhukovsky Volodymyr
City clinic hospital No8, surgeon. Lack of information in community about emergency first aid in cases of animals bite.

20. Zilgalova Maria, women's consultation center of TransCarpathia, director. Cleaning up the territory of Shahta neighborhood in Uzhhorod

21. Karkovska Ruslana, Lviv Foundation Stavropigion, volunteer of the telephone crisis hot line "058". Development of the data base for telephone hot line
22. Kechur Dzvenyslava, Lviv railways policlinics, gynecologist. Improvements in aknowlagment within gynecologists in Lviv region regarding psychosomatic medicine
23. Krutyj Vasyl, prenatal hospital in Stryj town of Lviv oblast, doctor gynecologist. Working out and conducting the lectures on STD's among young women of Stryj
24. Kushnir Myron, Charitable foundation "Metamorphosis", volunteer. Informational campaign about telephone hot line AIDS INFORM

25. Lishchenko Yulia, theatre-studio "Nova" in the Palace of students in Lviv. Theatre play "AIDS" as a method of struggle against spreading of the disease in Lviv region

26. Lucyk Olya, Lviv city children's hospital, doctor-intern. Creation of the children's play ground on the territory of Lviv city children's hospital

27. Parchuts Lubomyr, Ukrainian state woods university, senior teacher, architect. Esthetical and sanitary-hygienic reorganization of the territory on Technichna-Bibliotechna cross road in Lviv

28. Pakhomiuk Nina, community organization "Volyn Perspectives", head of the director's board. Health improvements and decrease in illness rate in bones and joints among children of two primary schools in Lutsk

29. Peniuk Maryna, Tchernivtsi community organization "Ukrainian public house". Development of the youth club "Association of active youth" working on issues of healthy life style

30. Piktorov Mykhailo, Children's kazak organization of Volodymyrets region "Pahin", Chief. Educational program for the youth in the suburb villages of the region on dangerous influence of alcohol

31. Prystupliuk Oleh, European Association of medical students, student. Lack of information among youth and lack of skills in emergency aid in extraordinary situations

32. Ryshkovska, Lviv regional psychiatric hospital, Head of consultative polyclinics. Organization of training supervision workshops for volunteers of hot lines

33. Rumak Oksana, Association of social workers, Ivano-Frankivsk regional department, social worker. Psychological training for students couples

34. Sayevych Taras, Charitable Foundation SALUS, volunteer.
"Graffiti against AIDS" action
35. Sachenko Alla, Lviv regional Red Cross organization, Leading specialist. Informing youth about health problems by means of actions (disco, fairs, etc)

36. Simo Mykola, Lviv railway hospital, ultra sonic doctor. Development of the program for ultra sonic examinations in Ukrainian language

37. Soltys Olena, Ternopil regional department of the Social Workers' League of Ukraine, Social worker. Development of the Educational theatre
38. Sorokopud Oleksandra, Youth gender center after Kobrynska, executive director. Prevention of physical abuse through understanding their rights on health protection among young girls from the villages in Lviv region
39. Stakh Bozena, Student scientific brotherhood of the University, student. International workshop for students and young scientists on the problems of drug use

40. Stepas Oleksandra, foundation Stavropigion, volunteer of the telephone hot line "058". Publication of the advertising, methodical and didactic materials on telephone counseling

41. Tacyshyn Yaroslawa, Sexual Health Centre, nurse. Developing information campaing about STIs prevention 

42. Telishevsky Youri, 8th clinical hospital in Lviv, doctor trauma orthopedist. Providing medicine and medical supplies for orphans and children from poor families with trauma

43. Tolokh Stephan, Zhydachiv regional center of Community Services of Ukraine, head of the board. Mobile prophylactic dentist help for children of the villages in Zhuravno micro region of Lviv obl.

44. Kchimyak Larysa, Lviv Regional Specialized Children's Hospital, bacteriologist. Implementation of opportunistic infections bacteriological diagnostics for children with immunodeficiency 

45. Khimyak Ihor, Lviv city children's ecological center, vice-director. Gardening of the square in the central part of Lviv

46. Khudyk Larissa, Lviv institute of the internal affairs, biochemist. Organization of round tables for women after 40 with inviting psychologists and doctors with the aim of health maintaining.

47. Chapran Mykhailo, Charitable foundation "Metamorphoses", Volunteer. Training seminar on peer education regarding problems connected with AIDS

48. Chehil Ivan, Charitable foundation "Metamorphosis", volunteer. Rehabilitation physical training for children with scoliosis in the secondary school # 96 in Lviv

49. Chekas Oleksandra, Lviv emergency hospital, therapeutist. Publication of the informational booklet "The ABC for persons with hypertension"

PSBH Lviv 2002 (October)

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