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Programs and Projects

Seminar Problem Solving For better Health
May 29-31, 2003
Number of participants - 59, number of projects supported financially - 48

1. Antakhovych Valerie Association of children's ecological centers "Dovkilla"
Member of association
Cleaning and gardening the park zone on the cross roads of Volodymyr Velyky, Stryjska and Lazarenko streets in Lviv

2. Bazylevych Aretha dentist 
Detection and treatment of orthodental pathologies within newborns in Lviv

3. Belakova Liudmyla Lviv regional hospital for prisoners, head nurse.
Minimization of the negative influence of the penitentiary regime on the medical employees of the Lviv regional hospital for prisoners. 

4. Blashchak Orest Lviv regional prenatal center, vice-director
Repairs of the entrance in the Lviv regional prenatal center

5. Vykhopen' Ihor Charitable foundation SALUS MILLENNII
Implementation of new surgery in the surgery department of the !st city clinical hospital.

6. Vinichuk Anrew Committee of the nature prevention
Member of the committee
Development of the technology of recycling the organic wastes in the southern suburbs of Lviv

7. Vozniuk Maria Lviv state University, Zoological museum, biologist
Prevention of the diseases caused by scabs (scabiosis, demodenosis etc)

8. Hajda Natalie Stryj maternity hospital. Ginecologist 
Women in climax period

9. Hrytsiuk Ihor Lviv regional Children's Clinic Hospital, children's endocrinologist
Survey on the nutrition conditions within children in Lviv and region in order to determine height/weight rate of population

10. Dziubyk Andrew Lviv city children's ecology naturalistic center. Head of the club
Summer recreational camp for children from poor families

11. Zhinchyn Oleh Private publishing company "Kvart", director
Prevention of the respiratory diseases within employees of the publishing company "Kvart"

12. Zhurajev Rustam Lviv state medical university, therapy department, therapist-intern, Magisterial
The role of persistent chlamydeous infection in chronicle affection of joints with patients, who ask for treatment at the Department of clinic therapy of Lviv Medical University.

13. Zaverbna Oleksandra Lviv city 5-th in-patient clinic, rehabilitologist
Rehabilitation of women with osteoporosis having bone fractures 

14. Kernyakevych Alexander Lviv center of social protection and rehabilitation of invalids "Sozarin"
Head of the directors' board
Prevention of oncology illnesses in women

15. Kovalevsky Volodymyr Lviv support Center "Doroha" for alcoholics and drugs addicted
development and assisting the creation of self-support group of HIV-positive drug addicts

16. Kodrova Lubov Lviv 1 city dental in-patient clinic
children's dentist
prevention and early detection of cavities in children of junior school age

17. Kolodensky Victor Lviv city children's ecology naturalistic centre
Head of the club
Development of the portable exhibition of eatable and poisonous mushrooms of Western Ukraine

18. Kopot' Nadia
Charitable Foundation "Sun beam", coordinator
Development of the medical examination cards for 1200 school children in Shevchenko and Lychakov neighborhoods of Lviv with functional disorders.

19. Lebedevych Oksana Lviv city Children's Hospital Children's surgeon
Diagnosing and prevention of hondropaty within children of Lviv

20. Leskiv Myron Charitable foundation "Harmony", memberof the foundation
Development of the web-site of the Charitable foundation "Harmony"

21. Lopushansky Vsevolod Charitable foundation "Child's World"
Development of the guide book of the medical institutions in Lviv for the year 2004

22. Labyha Maria Lviv state prenatal center
Development of the sanitary room for women staying in Lviv state prenatal center

23. Maksymiv Irena Lviv regional Children's Clinic Hospital , nurse 
Organization of the training workshop for nurses on emergency aid in extreme situations. 


24. Masny Zinovi Lviv State Medical University. Docent of the chair of children's dentistry. Prevention of the HIV, STI, TBC, hepatitis in dentistry within dentists of Lviv region through publication of the informational materials


25. Matviiv Maria Lviv regional Children's Clinic Hospital, medical assistant in laboratory.
Advantages of phago-therapy of respiratory diseases in compare with antibiotics 

26. Matiushenko Halyna Lviv city children's ecology naturalistic center₫ Head of the organizational department
Development of the mobile video lecturer on problems of HIV/AIDS for senior schoolchildren in Lviv

27. Mykhajlova Nadia Lviv Ambulance station Nurse
Interactive trainings for school children in the secondary school #46 in Lviv on prevention of smoking and alcohol use

28. Miskiv Jaroslava Lviv city 5-th community clinic hospital, children's in-patient clinic, doctor pediatrician 
Development of the reference book for the doctors pediatricians in 
Lviv city 5-th community clinic hospital in accordance with the international Code Classificatory of diseases

29. Nadizhko Valdemar Horodok town central hospital Gynecologist Development of the training workshops on contraception and Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

30. Panych Natalia Lviv Center of Sexual Health, nurse 
Publication of the informational materials on Sexually Transmitted Infections.

31. Petrychko Svitlana Charitable foundation "Heifer International" financial manager, trainer of the social programs
Development of the training workshop on family planning and reproductive rights among women in rural regions of Lviv oblast

32. Pechiy Peter Charitable foundation "Harmony", doctor of Lviv Clinic Hospital
Organization of the self-support group of patients with stoma in proctology department of Lviv Clinic Hospital

33. Proskura Volodymyr Lviv city community organization "teenagers peer education", co-founder 
Publication and distribution among Lviv youth of the leaflets on maintaining of psychical, physical and reproductive health

34. Prochko Roman Lviv city organization "community of interaction "Osela" Project coordinator 
Publication and distribution of the questionnaire and leaflet on problems of homeless people

35. Rajhert Caroline Retired Publication and distribution of the information on the SARS in the trains of Mostyska and Sambir direction of Lviv railroads

36. Rohovyk Natalia Lviv state Medical University, student of 3-th year 
Publication and distribution of informational materials among youth in Lviv on harm of abortions

37. Savytska Olena Lviv regional medical genetic center, Clinic ordination doctor development of the information booklet about activities of the
Lviv regional medical genetic center

38. Savytsky Vasyl Institute of heredity pathologies of Ukraine's Academy of Medical Sciensies, ginecologist
Development and implementation of the informational system for registering and processing of statistic data 

39. Semen Victoria Lviv regional Children's Clinic Hospital , regional children's gastroenterologist
Increase of the informational level of pediatricians in Lviv region on functional disorders of the digesting system of children by means of organization of the city conference

40. Sluzhynska Zynovia Ukrainian Doctor's Association, chief editor of the Health bulletin
The increase of informing of physicians about edition of "Ukrainian Informational Health Bulletin".

41. Sluzhynsky Markian Charitable foundation "Salus Milenii", volunteer
Development of the training workshops for senior schools youth promoting healthy life style

42. Sobko Marianna Lviv regional Children's Clinic Hospital , anesthesiologist
Organization of the regional conference for anesthesiologists on diagnosing and treatment of inherited heart diseases within children

43. Urbanovych Pavlo Lviv state veterinary academy, professor
Survey on the influence of radionuclide on the cattle, bred in the "dirty" environment

44. Khimiak Anton Association of children's ecological organizations "Dovkilla"
10 form school pupil
Development of the booklet on technologies of growing mushrooms.

45. Khudyk Taras Solonka village veterinary district, veterinary doctor. Diagnosing of TBC in live stock by means of needle less injector

46. Shamryk Andrew Charitable foundation METAMORPHOSES
Developing STOP AIDS social event for representatives of the youth NGOs from Lviv and Lviv region

47.  Shevchenko Olena Charitable foundation "Stavropigion"
Development of the methodological materials and training workshops on social adaptation of patients with diabetes

48. Shuvarska Vira Lviv institute of hereditary pathologies
Informing patients about Shereshevsky-Terner's syndrome

PSBH Lviv 2003

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