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Programs and Projects

Seminar Problem Solving For better Health
26 - 28 February, 2004

1. Bas Olha, Lviv State Institute of Physical Culture, "Sozarin" Lviv Center of Social Protection of Disable People
Organization of workshop on breast cancer prevention and treatment

2. Bachun Andriy, School #99
Life without tobacco and drugs

3. Bilynska -Savula Yulia, Metamorphoses Charitable Foundation
Spreading information about advantages of PCR diagnostic among physician from district centers of the Lviv region

4. Bilyak Valentyn, Lviv National Medical University
Organization of "Anti AIDS" rock concert

5. Boyko Yaryna, Regional Children Specialized Hospital Children immunologist
preading information among patients with juvenile arthritis and their family members in Lviv region about duration and treatment of the disease.

6. Bushchak Tetyana, Regional Children Specialized Hospital Nurse
Equipment of children gynecology room at Regional Children Specialized Hospital

7. Vasylyev Andriy, Charitable Foundation "RUST" President
Creation of movie about harmful influence of drugs and alcohol

8. Vasylyev Ostap, Lviv I.Trush College of Applied and Decorative Art 4th year student
Provision of students from the department of "metal works" of Lviv I. Trush College of Applied and Decorative Art and Lviv Academy of Arts with respiratory protective masks and protective gloves for hands

9. Voloshynska Sofia, "Green Cross" NGO Active member
Development of dendrarium at the territory of Lviv border school for deaf children

10. Hodysh Oles, Lviv Regional Sate Perinatal Center Gynecologist
Equipment of the room of personal hygiene for women after surgery

11. Horyn Oleksandr, City Center of Health and Medical Information Chief of Center
Publication of informational medical guide book

12. Horodetska Oksana, "Faith and Light" Volunteer
Summer camp for 12 disabled persons

13. Hrab Hanna, School #15 Biology teacher
Developing assertive reaction among teenagers

14. Hryvul Rostyslav, Regional Children Specialized Hospital Pediatrician
Parents objects for Children Houses (Developing physiologic care about the children in orphanage)

15. Hrushynska Oleksandra, School #4 Pupil of 10th form
Trainings on reduction of trauma and first aid provision among ski and snowboard users

16. Huk Svitlana, Lviv State Regional Perinatal Center Gynecologist
Improving conditions of hygienic room for women at 1st gynecological department of Lviv State Regional Prenatal Center

17. Dzyoba Iryna, Lviv Regional Association of Reproductive Health Lawyer
Publishing of booklet "Safety motherhood, responsible fatherhood"

18. Zhyla Mykola, Lviv Academy of Veterinary Medicine Assistant professor
Leptospirosis - what we know about this disease? (publishing of booklets and posters)

19. Kavna Oksana, Lviv Regional State Dentistry Clinic, Youth Club President
Education program for young people to provide irst aid in emergency cases

20. Kiyko Andriy, Nature Saving Committee Active member
Reduction of diseases among students of Lviv city children ecology naturalistic center, through usage of eggs of Japanese quails in winter - spring period, which will be grown up at the center

21. Kitsera Nataliya, Institute of Hereditary Pathology of National Academy of Science of Ukraine Scientific worker
Organization of computer register for people of young age living in the Lviv region who suffer from cancer

22. Klimanska Maryna, Charitable Foundation of Health Care "Medfoundation" Psychologist
Integration of psychological services in to family doctors clinic #4 of the 1st Duke Lion city clinic

23. Knyzhytskiy Yosyp, International Charitable Foundation "Heifer Project International" Veterinary, field worker
Educational - information campaign directed on informing peasants of Skolivskiy and Horodotskiy districts about possibility to be infected from animals with zoo anthropological diseases

24. Kornilov Kostyantyn , "Svitlo" NGO Active member
HIV- diagnose it is not the end of life

25. Kotsyumbas Halyna, Lviv National Academy of Veterinary Medicine Docent of Pathology Anatomy Department
Publishing and distribution of practical recommendations concerning micro structural analysis of "pelmeni" (Ukrainian kind of ravioli)

26. Kramatets Volodymyr, State Ukrainian Forest University Docent,
Approbation of struggle technologies against moths of horse chestnut in the green areas of Lviv.

27. Lekh Volodymyr, Charitable foundation "Metamorphoses" Active member
Developing of the booklet "A Dog - source of helmintoses" and its distribution among dog owners of central part of Lviv.

28. Lushchanets Rostyslav, Interregional Clinic for Prisoners in Lviv region Therapist
Prevention of tuberculoses and other infection diseases among non medical workers of prisons system of Lviv region

29.Malakhova Alla, Charitable Fondation "Salus Millennii" Volunteer
Development and publishing of booklets for women - victims of trafficking

30. Mamchyn Hanna, Children Ecological Organization "Legions of the Earth" President
Ecological expedition "Western Buh river - 2004"

31. Mykhaylyunyo Lyudmyla, "Halytski dwellings" society Chief of the board
Organization methodology of health nourishment

32. Nakonechniy Ihor, Charitable Foundation RUST Architect
Organization of the competition of art works "ANTI AIDS" among young artists of Lviv

33. Nevinska Lyubov, Lviv Nurse Association Member
Pharmacology in the nurses' work

34. Ohorchak Adriana, Saint Volodymyr Foundation Member
ĐHealth - rest camp for teenagers with religious inclination "Pilgrim"

35. Oliynyk Valentyna, Informational -Methodological Education Center Chief of the department
The increase of the level of health education knowledge among school students through organization of health education Olympiad in Lviv

36. Parkhuts Lyubomyr, State Ukrainian Forest University Senior teacher
Greening of the area at the crossroads of Technichna and Bibliotechna streets in Lviv

37. Popovych Vira, Lviv City Children Ecological Naturalistic Center Staff memeber
Cleaning and gardening of the area near Lviv Agricultural Machinery Plant

38. Pukivska Oleksandra, Charitable Foundation "Halytskiy aptekar" Staff memeber
Equipment of children playground at Lviv Orphanage Children House ╣1

39. Snitsar Tetyana, Charitable Foundation for protection of disabled children with eye problems "ZIR" Staff memeber
╬­Organization and realization of educational events for children with eye problems of "ZIR" Foundation in Shevchenko forest

40. Sorokhtey Yaryna, Lviv physics - mathematical lyceum 11th form student
Organization of summer ecological health camp for teenagers

41. Stoyanovskiy Ihor, The department of general surgery at D.Halytskiy Lviv State Medical University Surgent
Education of professional prevention skills for nurses, who look after people living with HIV/AIDS

42. Sukhovskiy Eugene, "Dzherelo" rehabilitation center Staff member
Early rehabilitation of children with special needs in Lviv and the Lviv region

43. Telishevska Ulyana, D.Halytskiy Lviv State Medical University 5th year student
Publishing of booklets about the activity of Students Scientific Society and their distribution among students of dentist faculty

44. Farmaha Taras, Lviv Academic Gymnasium 11th form student
Development of albums "population and kintree" for pupils of senior forms

45. Khimyak Sofia, School #63 10th form student
Edition and distribution of popular booklet on technology of organic wastes procession through their cultivating into humus soil

46. Khmilyarchuk Lesya , Lviv Regional Children Specialized Hospital Engineer, computer programmer
Optimization of working conditions for office workers concerning prevention of professional diseases

47. Tsyolko Oleh, D.Halytskiy Lviv State Medical University 5th year student
Training program for children, on high level of trauma of neck bones while diving in to water

48. Shulha Olga, D.Halytskiy Lviv State Medical University 6th year student
Organization of workshop to learn about heath flora of Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains

PSBH Lviv 2004

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