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Programs and Projects

Workshop “Problem solving for better health”
20-22 of May, 2004

1. Ambitsky Myron, Lviv Charitable Foundation “RUST”, artist
Developing competition of photo and photo collage "Health for you"

2. Andriyevska Nataliya, Lviv Charitable Foundation, "Children's world", physician of children hospice
Improvement of life for incurably sick children

3. Boyko Oksana, Ternopil Regional Women Association, gynaecologist
Prophylactic of ontological disease among women in rural area

4. Voytovych Taras, Lviv bicycle tourism club "Hers", student
Establishment of bicycle stands near universities

5. Galiy Yulia, Lviv Charitable Foundation "Metamorphoses", volunteer
Creation of mińro-performances devoted to the problem of health

6. Hetman Nataliya, Lviv National Medical University after Danylo Halytskiy, chair of organization and governing of health care, senior laboratory worker
Survey on health level of population in rural medical out-patient's clinic

7. Holynska Nataliya, Charitable Foundation "Caritas", Sambir, Lviv region, coordinator
Preparation of teenagers to sexual life with the purpose of improvement of their health

8. Holyak Volodymyr, Lviv Charitable Foundation "Metamorphoses", volunteer
Favourable psychological climate for elderly

9. Zubova Iryna, Educational- rehabilitation center for children with eye defects "Lion", director
Psycho-pedagogical help to families with blind child or child with bad sight

10. Ilnytska Alla, Lviv Charitable Foundation "Sun beam", coordinator
Individual programs of teaching in the system of common education

11. Ilchenko-Naduta Nelya, Lviv Health Centre, methodist
Organization of computer class for children - patients of Lviv children's TBC hospital

12. Kaganyak Victoriya, Andrey Sheptytskiy hospital, physician
Improvement of garden conditions of the area near Andey Sheptytsky hospital

13. Kapustyak Iryna, Secondary School #11 of Lviv, teacher
Social orphans

14. Karpenko Halyna, Lviv Regional Specialized Hospital, librarian
Psychological support for children with ontological - hematological illnesses

15. Kwyk Lesya, Charitable Foundation "RUST", volunteer
Developing art competition to Word Aids Day-2004

16. Kester Oleksandr, Ivano-Frankivsk City Children Hospital, physician
Prophylactic of tuberculosis among pupils of 5-9 grades and their parents

17. Kohanets Ihor, Ecological NGO "Nature", Skole, Lviv region, chairman.
The reduction of ecological harm near "Zhuravlyne" lake - recreation area Skolivski Beskydy

18. Khrystynyak Olesya, Charitable Foundation "Metamorphoses", volunteer
Organization of summer camp and teaching of the first aid for teenagers

19. Kukurudzyak Ivan, Chernivtsi City Organization "Youth Community", chief of ecological department
Liquidation of rubbish near Prut river of Camping district in Chernivtsi and prevention in the future, rise of ecological culture among population

20. Kulikovskiy Andriy, "Buratino" society of parents, whose children suffer from diabetes
Development of the Center of rehabilitation for children with diabetes and their parents

21. Kunickiy Volodymyr, "Buratino" society of parents, whose children suffer from diabetes
Sport-health program for children suffering from sugar diabetes

22. Kusharska Olha, Lviv regional children specialized hospital, bacteriologist
Clinical meaning of detection mycoses staphylococcal stammes during bacteriological diagnostic of children

23. Linevych Pavlo, Union "Cooperation for progress", city of Novograd -Volynskiy, Zhytomyr region, chairman
Improvement of practical ecological education in Novograd-Volynskiy city high school

24. Lyubiv Bohdana , Charitable Foundation "Metamorphoses", volunteer
"Roztochya" Reserve area

25. Metelska Lyudmyla, Scientific Medical library of Lviv Medical University, director
Informing medical workers of Lviv about work of Scientific library of Danylo Halytskiy State Medical Univercity

26. Myhaylyuk Olha, Charitable Foundation "Lviv Children Gallery"
Development of web site for art gallery of disable children

27. Nykytyuk Svitlana, Lviv City Children hospital, chief of reception department
Providing early detection of diatonic through control of arterial pressure

28. Nikolaychuk Yuriy, Charitable Foundation "Renesans", Chervonograd, social worker
Organization of work of child's athletic-health group "Dzherelo" in Chervonograd

29. Novak Iryna, Lviv State Regional Perinatal Center, engineer
Development of web site of prenatal center to increase information about its activity among women

30. Rak Halyna , Charitable Foundation "Salus Millennii", volunteer
Girudo therapy of inflammatory diseases of prostates resistant to anti bacteriological treatment

31. Savytska-Vakhnina Oksana, Lviv City Children Ecological Naturalistic center, teacher
Creation of ecological computer club for children in dysfunctional families on the base of childrens' ecological-naturalistic center in Lviv

32. Skip Vasyl, Lviv City Children Ecological Naturalistic center, circles' manager
Increase of resistant conditions of child's body and improvement of general health level of children from non protected families, attending Lviv City Ecological Naturalistic Center, through consuming bee milk

33. Sklyarova Valentyna, Lviv City Centre of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, gynaecologist
Lack of jodine - important problem of expectant mothers

34. Tukalo Volodymyr, "Teenager House", Ternopil, consultant
Safe behaviour and healthy life style of prisoners at penitentiary settlement in Berezhany

35. Tyurina Olena, Regional landscape park "Znesinnya", worker
Publishing of brochure with description of tourist-educational-health route in the "Znesinnya" park

36. Uniyat Lyuba , Ternopil NGO for disabled children "Child", director
"We rest together"

37. Ustynova Oksana, Khmelnitskiy Regional Charitable Foundation "Caritas", coordinator of the project
Psychotherapy trainings for the group of women victims of trafficking

38. Himyak Sofiya, Lviv City Children Ecological Naturalistic Center, participant of circle
Organization and realization of educational - health expedition with visitors of Lviv City Ecological Naturalistic Center, children from poor families to improve their health and collect medical plants

39. Tsybulyak Ihor, Tchernivtsi City NGO "Tchernivtsi City Pupils' Council", chief assistant
Organization of summer tent camp for 30 pupils of Tchernivtsi schools willing to quit smoking and drinking

40. Tsytsyk Liliya, Lviv Interregional Hospital for prisoners, #19, medical worker
Prophylactic of diseases, which are transmitted in paraenteral way among workers of Prison Clinic

41. Chyzhevskiy Vyacheslav, Lviv city organization "Agency of social-integrated development", chief of the board.
Rehabilitation of children and teenagers with acrophobia

42. Shchoholeva Yaroslava, Scientific Medical Library of Lviv State Medical University, chief methodist
Professional diseases of workers of Scientific Library of Lviv Danylo Halytsky State Medical University

43. Yusupov Yuriy, Association of Children Ecological Organizations "Dovkillya", volunteer
Jodine deficit in human body

44. Yaholnyk Hanna, Lviv Charitable organization, Children's educational rehabilitation centre "Dzherelo"
"Exhibition of creative works of children with the special needs "Open hearts"

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