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    Exhibition For the Defense of Love 2006


The exhibition For the Defense of Love took place this year on the 29th of November and 4th of December in Lviv. The aim of the exhibition was to encourage creative and concerned people to making artistic works directed at prevention from AIDS, popularization of healthy and safe style of life. To know more click here.

    Popularization of STREET ART activism in Ukraine 2006

The project "Popularization of street art activism in Ukraine", supported by European Cultural Foundation started its activity on January, 1st 2006. The aim of the project is development of street art activity among young people, popularization of new trends of Art and health way of life. he project will be performed by Salus Charitable Foundation in the cooperation with German NGO from Berlin - Artitude e.V., headed by President Lutz Henke. In frame of the project it is planned to organize Live Street Art Event in old Ukrainian city Lviv (Lemberg) in the middle of May. Group of famous talented artists from Germany will come to share their experience with Ukrainian artists. Aim of this event to share information about street art movement and urban culture not only among artist , but also involve state authorities for support from their side. This event will be make good start for exchange of information between Ukrainian and European street artist and involving of interested perpople in to this movement not only from Lviv, but from Ukraine in general. We will inform you about next steps of project activites in close time. Spring is coming. Enjoy URBAN.ART.SELECTION.
"Popularization of street art in Ukraine event took place on 2006 May, 20 in Lviv (Ukraine). It gave possibility to unite around 60 street artists from Ukraine and 10 from Germany, also guests from Russia and Poland. There were preseted such cities from Ukraine as Lviv, Lutsk, Ternopil, Rivne, Odessa, Kyiv, Donetsk, Sevastopol, and from abroad Berlin, Moscow, Krakow. This event showed great possibilities for communication between artist all over the world through language of STREET ART. City authorities and population got more informed, that Street art activism is not a destruction of walls and buildings in the city. It also makes them look beauty, esspecially grey walls which we see every day, while passing streets or suburbs. We found possibility to arrange permition
with building factory, to paint its fence, which is around 1 km length. By moving street art in to suburbs in to open air area, we changed opinion of City government and other state authorities, which cared little for the support of urban and street culture. Beign careless about such phenomenas before, they were loosing youth support , because this is environment that young people live and develop themself inside it. It is also one of the way to prevent different kind of addictions and bad habits, protect your health and life. Please find fresh walls here

    ART anti AIDS 2003

 Theatrical presentation of artistic suit and presentation of telephone line "AIDS Inform" took place on 30th  November 2003 at Hotkevycha Culture Palace. It was organized by Salus Charitable Foundation, Metamorphoses Foundation, under financial support of PAUCI, Eurasia Foundation, Elton John Anti AIDS Foundation. 18 designers (7 from Lviv) participated in the performance. There were also designers from Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Khmelnitskiy, Kostopol, Rivne. 28 models represented suit works. The best of them were Pynta Tetyana from Dnipropetrovsk with collection "Trimtertsiya", Musiyenko Tetyana from Kyiv, "Play safety", Vereshchak Anna and Kharkalis Andrianna from Lviv, "Try to preserve yourself from AIDS".


"BODYART antiAIDS" performance and announcing of telephone line "AIDSINFORM" took place at Lviv Art Palace on the 15th December 2002. This event was supported by educationally information campaign of EU-USA Project on HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Young People, Eurasia Foundation and Dreyfus Health Foundation. Charitable Foundation SALUS and Charitable Foundation METAMORPHOSES were executives of the projects.

   Click here for more information about the Competition

   Textile 2001

   The aim of "Textile antiAIDS" program was to create unique textile works, which would present stimulation of technological search in Ukrainian artistic textiles, and would popularise non traditional materials, new forms of artistic expression. The main topic of textile program was man himself.

   Fashion 2000 anti-AIDS, 2000

   Fashion 2000 anti-AIDS objectives were: naturalism, freedom, adventure of imaginative forms, materials and colors. A step into the new millennium - an idea of flesh start along with great hope for something special, new and undiscovered.

   Ukraine and AIDS. Crossroad of millenniums. 1999

   Ukraine and AIDS. Crossroad of millenniums. Art competition of video scripts, decorative ceramic and paintings has been supported by USAID and CCFD.

   Youth against AIDS. 1998

   Art competition of small sculpture has been supported by the USAID, CCFD, Embassy of the Netherlands and the UNAIDS. It has been demonstrated during the 6th International Exhibition "GalMED" and at the Lviv Palace of Arts.

   Art against AIDS. 1997

   Competition of posters, emblems and radio announcements has demonstrated creative activity of the Ukrainian youth. Art pieces of the competition could be found at:

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